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Day Programme

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am –12.30pm

This is a comprehensive six week programme designed for those in need of a treatment process which allows them to deal with real life obligations and challenges as they happen.  Clients engage in a structured yet flexible program utilizing evidence based methods and a wide set of recovery tools that will help in getting them back to their fullest potential.

Evening Programme

Monday, Wednesday 6pm – 9pm, Saturday 9am – 11pm

This six week programme will suit clients with work commitments or other daytime obligations.  The programme is designed to provide the necessary structure and support for people balancing work commitments with the challenge of early recovery, incorporating a dynamic mix of group work, interactive lectures, relapse prevention, life skills and techniques to enhance the treatment process and outcome.

Secondary Programme

Tuesday, Thursday 6pm - 9pm

Life Matters six week Secondary Programme offers Clients who have completed a Primary Treatment Program the opportunity to consolidate their treatment process whilst developing their individualised Recovery Plan. Group Work provides space to process issues raised in Primary Treatment alongside practical Relapse Prevention work.

All of the above programmes include a series of didactic groups, gender specific groups, interactive workshops, information sessions, audio visual presentations, art therapy, psycho drama groups, mindfulness and role play.  Individual counseling and family involvement also form part of the process.

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