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Bev Lodge is a respected and accomplished Addictions Counsellor with many years experience. Having graduated from SACAP with a Diploma in Counselling and Communication, Bev went on to join the Kenilworth Clinic Addictions Unit as an Addictions Counsellor. During her time at Kenilworth she also held the position of Team Leader/Programme Manager and was responsible for implementing new, improved ideas which lead to enhancing the program. More recently Bev has completed locums at various other clinics in the Western Cape such at Stepping Stones, Seascape House and Rustenburg Addiction Care. Bev's experience and understanding of addiction, treatment and recovery sets the tone for the Life Matters Programmes.

Wion Visagie has worked through every level of the Addiction Treatment profession, having started as a Recovery Assistant at Kenilworth Clinic. With a combination of hands on training and outside study, Wion was promoted to the position of Senior Addictions Counsellor. Whilst at Kenilworth he spent some time at KAYA - the Adolescent Unit - and has valuable experience with working with the adolescent with substance abuse. His passion for recovery and the rewards it brings led Wion to develop a strong interest in Treatment Aftercare, and was responsible for facilitating and maintaining the Aftercare portfolio. Wion's passion for Recovery is matched by his dedication to delivering the best for his clients.

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